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Sea Eagle


$329 CAD


The Sea Eagle is a dual-channel, high-gain distortion that faithfully recreates the tone of a high-power tube amp. Powered by our proprietary high-voltage circuitry, the Sea Eagle combines a four-stage pre-amp, a powerful three-band active EQ, and a carefully-tuned output section to give you a versatile, aggressive, and low-noise distortion with more tonal possibilities than you could ever imagine. This is not your typical hard-clipping distortion - it's a highly dynamic, touch sensitive amplifier that rewards every nuance of your playing, and responds naturally to your guitar's onboard controls. From country to hard-rock, to blues and pop, the Sea Eagle has the goods to get you through any gig!

The Sea Eagle has two channels - the "low-gain" blue channel, and the "high-gain" purple channel, which can be toggled using the right footswitch. The channels give you more or less gain out of the first amplifier stage, so, though the blue channel can sound a little brighter, they function as complimentary "rhythm" and "lead" tones. No matter what channel you're on, the left footswitch acts as a master bypass, as indicated by the left, white LED. The channel switch remains lit even when the pedal is bypassed, so you always know which channel you're on.


The pre-amp section is comprised of four cascading amplifier stages, just like a high-power tube amp (except they're JFETs instead of tubes!). The "fat"/"tight" & "bright" switches, situated in the pre-amp, control how much bass & treble makes it through from your guitar, and alter the overall gain characteristic of the pedal. When in "tight" mode, the Sea Eagle will have a tight, punchy low-end, perfect for chunky rhythm tones and soaring leads. In the "fat" setting, the low end is full and round, giving the pedal a fuzzy quality. The "bright" switch accentuates the high-end, and when engaged you'll get a brighter tone and a lift in the overall gain. 


The pre-amp feeds into the Sea Eagle's three-band active EQ, which gives you complete tone-sculpting capabilities. The Bass, Middle, and Treble controls give a neutral response at noon, and boost/cut from there. The bass knob boosts/cuts up to 13dB at ~180Hz, the middle control boosts/cuts up to 11dB at ~500Hz, while the treble control boosts/cuts up to 12dB at ~1,200Hz. In tandem, these EQ controls allow you to dial in thousands of tones, from an aggressive scooped-mid metal tone, to a bright, honky, country lead tone. 

Finally, the Sea Eagle's output amplifier provides some light tone-shaping, similar to that of a tube amp's power tubes & output transformer. It's differential design & feedback loop, in tandem with our power circuitry, helps to make the Sea Eagle incredibly low-noise, even at very high gain settings. The volume knob does exactly what you think it does, and controls your overall output level. The Sea Eagle has a TON of volume and headroom, and can easily be used for a massive volume boost.

Like all our pedals, each Sea Eagle is proudly hand-assembled in St. John's, NL, Canada, using high-quality, globally sourced components.

The High-Voltage Internal Power Circuitry: The heart of the Sea Eagle is our proprietary high-voltage power circuitry. The pedal accepts any standard 9-24VDC power supply that can deliver at least 100mA of current. That input is internally regulated and boosted into a clean, stable, 30VDC split-rail voltage, which powers the Sea Eagle's audio circuitry. This enables the Sea Eagle to have super high headroom, and perform exactly the same - no matter what you power it with. The Sea Eagle accepts either polarity (i.e. centre-negative or centre-positive)  - it handles both just fine! 


Tech Specs

External Controls

Controls [Left to Right, top to bottom]:

  • Volume

  • Bass

  • Mids

  • Treble

  • Gain

  • Fat/Tight Switch

  • Bright Switch

  • Bypass Footswitch

  • Chanel Footswitch

  • Power Requirements:

    • 9-24 volts DC, center-negative or -positive

    • No 9V battery clip inside.

    • Max current draw: 100mA

    • Proprietary internal power circuitry provides 30VDC split-rail voltage to the Lighthouse's circuitry for high headroom and consistent performance

  • Signal Input Impedance: 1MΩ

  • Signal Output Impedance: 100Ω

  • Top-mounted audio and power jacks

  • Hard-wired true bypass switching

  • 100% Analog signal path 

  • 100% hand-assembled in St. John's, Newfoundland & Labrador using high-quality components

  • Physical dimensions: 98.5 x 121 x 50mm (3.875" x 4.725" x 1.97")

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