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BCA Warranty Information

All our pedals come with a lifetime warranty against failure from defective parts or faulty workmanship, regardless of whether or not you are the original owner of the pedal. If it's broken and it's our fault, we will fix it - no questions asked! To begin a warranty claim, please contact us via email. Be sure to include the product name, and a brief description of the problem you are experiencing. For additional info, see our warranty card below:

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Discontinued BCA Pedals

Looking for info about one of our older, discontinued pedals? The manuals for many of our discontinued pedals can be found below. Still have questions? Don't hesitate to contact us!


Apple Tree Clean Octave

The Apple Tree is a (mostly) clean, all analog octave up pedal that utilizes the same audio transformer and germanium diodes found in old, beloved octave fuzzes. Unlike its predecessors though, it is not a fuzz pedal – rather, it just provides the octave up, which you can then stack with your favourite overdrive, fuzz, or distortion pedals! This allows you to achieve a wide range of Octave up sounds. It features a simple two knob design, true bypass switching, and uses a standard, 9VDC center-negative, 2.1mm barrel jack for power. It couldn’t be easier to use!


Barometer Overdrive & Fuzz 

The Barometer Overdrive + Fuzz is a limited edition collaboration between Bennett Custom Audio and Neon Effects. A two-in-one pedal, the Barometer contains both the BCA Weather Man V1 - a dynamic, light-to-medium gain overdrive, and the NeFX Mercury (Hg) Fuzz – a JFET-based recreation of the legendary Garnet Herzog Fuzz Unit. While the two effects are totally independent and may be used on their own, these unlikely pals stack together to deliver a near-infinite range of distorted and fuzzy tones!


Dirty Bison Distortion

The Dirty Bison is an angry, raging distortion pedal that provides a wide variety of medium to high gain tones. Anything from a classic rock crunch, to an over-the-top fuzzy distortion, the Dirty Bison delivers in spectacular fashion. Every Dirty Bison features a vintage Motorola LM308N Op Amp chip, which makes all the difference. It gives it richer harmonics, and a full sound that modern components couldn’t hope to emulate. The controls are easy to use and interactive, and the added “voicing” toggle switch gives you two distinct responses to choose from. It’s guaranteed to rip your face off! Each pedal is wired for true bypass!


Green Thumb Overdrive

The Green Thumb is a mid-boosting overdrive that combines a classic design with some contemporary features that separate it apart from other TS-style overdrives. Featuring familiar Volume, Tone, and Gain controls, it’s easy to dial it in for your sound. The added versatility of the low-end response toggle switch allows the Green Thumb to hold its own in any musical context. Use it as your main overdrive for beautiful blues soloing, as a lead boost, or as an “always on”pedal to add attack and low-end tightness to your high gain setup. It’s also wired for true bypass!


Fuzz Academy

The Fuzz Academy is a modern interpretation of the classic, circular fuzz pedal – done by the book! Constructed with no expense spared, each unit uses a pair of NOS AC125 germanium transistors that Mark used in his master’s degree research at McGill University. To augment the classic circuit, a bias adjust + indicator LED allows you to adjust for temperature fluctuations, and the traditional “fuzz” control is swapped for an “input” control. An internal voltage inverter and battery simulation circuit gives the Fuzz Academy the power it wants, without you having to fuss with special cables or batteries. Vintage carbon comp resistors, axial capacitors by Vishay & Illinois Capacitor, switchcraft jacks, and some old school hand-wiring give the Fuzz Academy an unmistakable, old-school vibe.

JFET - 4.jpg

JEFF the JFET Boost

JEFF is a super compact, high fidelity JFET preamp/boost. It is based on the classic mu-amp dual JFET amplifier design, commonly found in microphone preamps and many guitar pedal designs. JEFF boasts a totally flat EQ, and offers up 23dB of unadulterated, tone-unaltering clean volume. When engaged, JEFF presents your signal chain with a high input impedance, and low output impedance (like a buffer!), which helps to drive your guitars’ signal through long cable lengths, and maintain all of your guitars’ high end detail. It works great as an “always on” pedal, providingyou with a natural, tube-like feel, and it works beautifully as a solo boost when stacked with an overdriven tube amp or an overdrive pedal. It’s operable up to 18V, and It’s also wired for true bypass! Everyone needs a friend, and everyone needs a little boost. JEFF is both!

JFET - 3.jpg

Lighthouse Wave Machine (2018)

The Lighthouse features an all analog signal path, and is capable of a wide range of tremolo, harmonic tremolo, and even univibe-like sounds. This is made possible by its uniquely tuned “harmonic” mode, two different waveforms, and an innovative “tilt” control, that allows you to sculpt and distort the wave shape to your taste. The tap tempo footswitch allows you to match the tempo of any song, and the LED will pulsate along to the tempo to help you out!

LH - 3.jpg

Lighthouse Tremolo (2019)

nspired by the stoic, coastal watchtowers of yesteryear, The Lighthouse tremolo combines a premium, an all-analog signal path with a flexible and interactive digital Low Frequency Oscillator (“LFO”). It features both harmonic and amplitude tremolo, 5 unique LFO waveforms, tap tempo with divisions, and variable- slope speed ramping – allowing you to smoothly increase or decrease the LFO speed momentarily. The analog circuitry is powered by an internal voltage inverter for an increased headroom of 18VDC, and uses a pair of optocouplers to create warm, vintage, throbbing tremolo. Like all our pedals, each Lighthouse is meticulously hand-wired, hand-tested, and features true bypass switching.

LH - 5.jpg

Sunday Drive Overdrive

The Sunday Drive is a transparent, light overdrive. It adds clarity, character, and breathes life into your tone, without adding any unnatural compression. Thanks to its wide-sweeping gain control, It can function as totally clean boost, a light overdrive, and even a medium gain overdrive. The separate bass and treble controls make it easy to remove unwanted frequencies from your tone, and find the exact sound you’re looking for. It has a bunch of clean volume on tap, and is wired for true bypass. It’s the ultimate overdrive for any player!

WM -5.jpg

Weather Man Overdrive (2018)

The Weather Man is a beautiful, dynamic, low gain overdrive that serves up a massive variety of overdriven tones. It can perhaps be categorized as a B.B. style pedal. It responds to every nuance in your playing – reacting naturally to your unique dynamics, vibrato, pick attack, and signature style. Besides a slew of tonal tweaks, it has one notable upgrade from other B.B. style pedals: The Voice control. It allows you to tweak the mids and treble of the pedal, and affects its overall gain. It allows you to dial in anything from a glassy mid-scoop with a prominent treble response (a well-known characteristic of the original), to a TS-like response with prominent mids and a treble roll off. The Voice, Gain, and Treble controls are all very interactive with one another, allowing you to dial in a vast array of clean and overdriven tones with a few simple tweaks!

WM -3.jpg

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Weather Man mkII Overdrive + Boost (2019 V1)

The Weather Man mkII combines a versatile, organic, low-to-medium-gain overdrive with an independent preamp/boost. The black knobs and toggle switch control the overdrive circuit, while the silver knob controls the preamp volume. The control interface is explained in greater detail below. Like all our pedals, the Weather Man mkII is meticulously hand-wired, true bypass, and must be powered by a standard, 2.1mm barrel, 9VDC, center-negative power supply. It does not have room inside to accommodate a battery!

WM Mk2 - 3.jpg

Weather Man mkII Overdrive + Boost (2019 V2)

The Weather Man mkII combines a versatile, dynamic, low-to-medium gain overdrive with an independent JFET-based preamp/boost. The overdrive section builds upon the original Weather Man by incorporating separate bass/treble controls, multiple clipping options, and 3 unique voicings in a more refined circuit design. It delivers everything from glassy, almost-clean blues tones to thick, heavy overdrive. Like all of our pedals, every Weather Man mkII is meticulously hand-wired, hand-tested, and features true bypass switching. Your search for the perfect overdrive ends here!

WM Mk2 - 5.jpg

What Rhymes with Orange? Fuzz

The What Rhymes with Orange? fuzz pedal is a modern interpretation of the classic fuzz face design, first produced by Dallas Arbiter co. in England during the 1960s. At the heart of the design are two hand matched NOS transistors that provide all of the tone and feel of the pedal. The familiar Volume and Fuzz controls function as expected, while the bias knob and the internal input trim pot allow you to dial in a wide variety of classic and contemporary fuzz tones. The What Rhymes with Orange? responds organically to your pick attack, volume control, and play style – like any good fuzz face-style pedal should It’s also wired for true bypass! **Note: placing the WRWO? after a buffered pedal in your signal chain will significantly alter its sound and overall response. For best results, place it first in your signal chain, or only after true bypass pedals**

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